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I'm left with tonight, tomorrow & thursday before I fly!

Might do some packing tonight or try to write my fanletters ㅡㅇㅡ; School tomorrow morning then lunch at home. Head out in the afternoon to buy some chocolates & meet up at night. Final packing on thursday & daddy's gonna pick me up after work to the airport! My flight's at 2am +_+

Friday is going to be mad crazy. Arrive in Korea in the morning, travel to guesthouse & meet my girls, drop by myeongdong underground and then zoom off to olympic park to meet the fansite masters for the collections of my slogans~ Need to collect official goods as well, & get our concert tickets from cube staffs. & tadah~ WELCOME 'BACK' TO B2ST AIRLINE! Well, the 'back' is irrelevant for me since I didn't attend the first one ㅋㅋ

Kya... Just thinking about it alone makes me so excited ^^;

I should take a nap now, the weather is good!♥
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용DJ did the "문자왔숑~문자왔숑~" message tone from secret garden on YS today, how cute T-T <3

/inner fangirl battle 시작.

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There is still a difference & if it changes in the time to come, then so be it. I can't possibly force myself. (:
/inner fangirl battle 끝!

On a side note, my boys are coming over this weekend for SS3.
I can't wait (: I haven't seen them since June '10... ): 
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1 more month~

It's 18 today! Happy birthday to youngwoon & kiseop yesterday (:

I'm rotting in my uni's food court now & I have 30 more mins to go so I shall do a mini update. Sigh... I know I procrastinate a lot. My MULA pics aren't even posted yet ><"

Anyway, exactly a month to go before I'm freezing in Seoul! My airtix is almost confirm but I'm still feeling unstable about it. Accommodation is fixed, I will be staying at a new guesthouse but it's at a place I'm familiar with. Concert tickets are still a major worry +_+ Today's Big Bang's Big Show ticketing... Blah! I really want to attend a big show! I need to see GTOP perform. As for b2st airline... We're still waiting for updates. It was a tough ticketing battle for the k-b2uties...

I'll be going for around 10 days this time. I feel that it's a lil short as 3 days are already taken up by concerts. I'm still thinking if I should go to SBS for YS. I don't particularly like that place because it's very far & kind of ulu +_+ I remember touring around that building thrice, lol. I think we probably won't have time to go for music shows since concert days fall on weekend ㅠㅠ cnblue will have their comeback then. I think 4min as well. A couple of musicals going on then too. Junsu's, Luna's & idk who, can't remember.

I want to visit baptols again, nice yehsung mummy (: & perhaps yoseob's parent's naengmyun place if I can find, lol. Plus micky's time out, their gelato are nice~ I'm upset that Shinee no longer endorse mexicana, they have mad awesome chicken, so much better than kyochon. Need to visit the chicken place at kbs too~ But I'm sure the girls will head to goobne instead, haha. Myeongdong will be my ultimate favorite! I can't wait to drop by holika2 & Kosney!!! I will get some nice stickers this time, need to shop for Shu as well, lol. Late night shopping at DDM too~ I want to go back to the naengmyun house, its grilled meat is mad awesome with the naengmyun & eating it in winter is Daebak~ Need to remind myself to shop for my brother's clothes at DDM but those male sales assistants are quite scary ^^;; I'm not sure if we'll go to ilsan this time but if we do then it's definitely for Junsu's papa~

Typing all these gets me excited already, hehe. Just one more month to go, I need to work hard diligently, I need my pay~ Hopefully CNY this year is gonna be fruitful, they will contribute to my usage in kr, hehe.

Speaking of Cny, I haven't shop for Cny clothes yet ): I don't think I have the time nor the extra money to buy them... I've fixed my dental & nails appointment though, haha. If I do my nails now for Cny, I'm sure they won't last until my kr trip. I'll probably have to do it again before I fly. Or I can also do it at migliore when I'm in kr but hopefully it's not so expensive.

Okay, time to move on to my next class! 빠이염~☆

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My 2010...

My 2010 had been filled with awesomeness, & I'm serious. A bunch of great friends with the same hobby, lovely family despite tough times, gaining new working experience & fun-loving colleagues!

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This is seriously one long entry. 2010 had been awesome. Hopefully 2011 can be equally awesome, if not, BETTER! ^^
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메리 비스트마스~

I spent a wonderful x'mas celebration with my lovely girls last night. Great food, awesome companion, pretty gifts~ Couldn't ask for more (:

Now I'm just hoping that most of us will be able to spend our February in 서울~ ㅋㅋ

About news of Shinee World coming to sg... I can only hope that it'll come after February. Not exactly excited at attending their concert but if it's coming, I have no reason not to go... Though the idea of watching a chinese trainee taking of Jjong's place in the dances is still a nono, I guess we pretty much have no choice?

I'm on full shift for the next 3 days & then I'll be off to our yearly family chalet! Kinda upset that I'll be missing almost all of the 가요대전 though ):

Anyhow, Merry Beastmas~ ㅋㅋㅋ

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rainy day...

I supposed it has been raining all day long or so... Pretty cold tonight...

A lot of my coworkers are moving on to other branches since it's gonna turn 2011 soon & thus the yearly rotation of staffs. Also partly due to my current branch closing down in February... It's really kind of heart breaking ):

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2010 had been awesome because of this special group of friends.
Thank you (:
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X'mas adam.

Stef told us today that she read from her friend's tweet: Today is X'mas Adam because Adam came before Eve. LOL, that cracked us up~

I met up with my girls Stef & Fifi today for a x'mas get together. Coincidentally Meiyu were at Ion also so she joined us after her dinner~ Stef got me this fluffy korilakkuma & a rilakkuma schedule book. Mad cuteness! But I already bought myself a rilakkuma schedule book ): She got me the one which I almost considered buying~~~ ㅠㅠ Maybe I can find a better use for it, hmm...

Fifi is gonna fly to Sweden soon, for her exchange programme. I srsly wonder how it'll be like to live in a foreign country for months... I'm those kind of people that will miss my home a lot so I think it'll be tough for me, lol. Shall get her something that'll keep her warm before she flies~

I almost died at uniqlo today! Their innerwear/roomwear ARE SO FLUFFY & CUTE! I got myself a pair of Fairy Soft leggings~ See, I'm shopping for winter clothes again T-T

Anyway, I might just go to Korea again come February... I srsly can't believe that I'm able to go there again so soon :3 Still in the midst of planning but I am already shopping for winter clothes /slapself. A lot of my girls will be there during the same period of time so I must make this possible! &! It's winter~~~ I hope it'll snow again when I'm there ^^ If I do get to go this time, B2st Airline encore concert & BB's Big show~~~ :D

캬... It's almost christmas eve now. I'll spend both my x'mas eve & x'mas day working though +_+

This is a pretty pointless entry, teehee.
& I'm still lazy to upload pics from MULA :x

Anyway, wishing everyone an early Merry Christmas~! (:
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Joongki (:

Thought I should write this down since it's pretty cute yet awkward.

We went to fetch Joongki from the airport yesterday. Surprisingly, we were the only car D:

So... I was on the phone with Summer to check if he had indeed went on the car while on the other hand I had written something on the iphone LED, which I'll be showing him.

Then we drove next to his car and we saw him wearing a beanie as Summer had informed us. I put the iphone up, showing him the message while I was still on the phone with Summer on the other hand.

He looked at us & smiled and then waved a few times. I had no free hand to wave back so I just smiled while telling Summer what he did. Jamie at the back just waved back & erm... It turned awkward because I was still on the phone & couldn't wave back or do anything else, LOL. Jamie said he looked like he didn't know what to do after waving since I was still on the phone :x So we told Carol to drive behind them instead, haha.

After a while, I change the LED message on the iphone and we drove beside him to show it to him again. He looked again, seemingly trying to read the qn and again, smiled & waved back... He probably couldn't answer my qn, lol.

So it was really kind of awkard since it's only the 3 of us, & him ^^;;

But he's really very cute, in his beanie :3
Carol even saw him taking out the map to read! ㅋㅋㅋ
Idk if we'll be able to see him on monday too~
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[101201 - 101204] 즐거운 시간 (:

The whole thing spells "Fun, awesome, daebak & tiring" (:
Saw 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, MBLAQ, B2ST & Kim Hyunjoong.
B2st fanacc parts are in maroon color ㅋㅋ

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Right, I'm finally done!
Pictures will come soon... I think thursday? :D
Anyway, huge credits go to Carol for driving us around endlessly (if it was tiring for us, it must had been 100x more tiring for her T-T) as well as Shawn for helping us with the MULA tickets. Also, HTC for the sponsored tickets (: 
Overall, I really had an awesome experience with my girls & b2st ㅋㅋㅋ
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I think 마마 was pretty much a bullcrap awards ceremony. Much like a "thank you for attending our awards ceremony" award ceremony & proceed to hand out awards to artistes that attended that ceremony. Hohoho~ Oh well, standards going from bad to worst D:

I hope this year's gayo daejuns will at least be as entertaining as past years, not hoping that it will exceed them though, lol.

Anyhow, IT'S MONDAY!
B2ST is coming this saturday, whooooo! Still waiting for some good news to come, teehee. Hope to see them again~
As well as 2AM whose here for the fansign on Thursday before Sat's concert~ Not buying the album to get in for the fansign though, sorry Changmin. I'll wait outside the venue for you~
Mnet ultimate live concert on saturday... I'm actually kinda of anticipating 2PM as well, for Khun only though. It's been a whole 2 years since they last came here. Gonna see MBLAQ & Miss A as well (if I'm lucky enough) O: But most importantly, it's B2ST! 현승~~~장! ㅋㅋ & 요섭~~~양! Now I'm feeling so fly, like 용준형~ Hahaha, I can't get that song out of my head.

휴... 자야지...? 내일 아르바이트가 있어요 ㅠㅠ 암튼 돈 땜에 난 아무것도 괜찮아! ㅋㅋㅋ 아 맞다! 돈이 아니죠? 우리 슈주 땜에 힘이 있어! 화이팅~ :3

잘 자용 ^^*